Jones Organic Tea is a line of loose-leaf teas that blends Britain’s traditional tea culture with the casual American lifestyle.

Tea is so much more than just what's in your cup. It's all about slowing down and taking time for family, friendship, community,

and ourselves.

There's always time for tea.


Jones Organic Tea is a line of premium organic loose-leaf teas officially licensed by The David T. Jones Royalty Trust. 

As he grew up in post-war Britain, David and his family gathered around the teapot daily, spending time with each other, celebrating victories, drying tears, and calming fears. And wherever life took him, from his family home in Manchester, to stables full of thoroughbreds, or the stage and screen, David always held his native English culture and his family's traditions close to his heart.

When he moved to America in the early 1960s, David carried on the tradition of his homeland, and his family. Upon arriving in New York, one of the first things he did was to locate two English grocers--one in Manhattan, one in Greenwich Village--who could provide him with the “proper” English tea he needed.


As he raised a family of his own, David continued the traditions of his upbringing. Sharing tea with his four daughters became an inherent family value that they all honor still. Taking time to enjoy a cup of tea with loved ones was his way of connecting and nurturing―a consistent, calm oasis in a busy life.


To David, taking tea meant taking time: Time for himself, time for friends, and most of all, time for family.

About Us

Our Tea


Our selection is made up of premium loose-leaf teas and all-natural tisanes, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. All of our products are either USDA Certified Organic and/or meet or exceed stringent standards for JAS (Japan) and EU (European Union) organic certification. All of our tea is gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher, and is blended and packed in a facility that does not process nuts, soy, or gluten products.

Why loose-leaf?

The short answer is, it just tastes better. But here's the long answer also:

Most bagged teas are made from the dust and crushed bits left behind by compromised whole leaves--essentially, tea leaf residue. These crushed leftovers lose most of their natural essential oils and aromas as they break down. When steeped, the broken pieces release a lot more tannins than whole-leaf tea, resulting in a less aromatic, much more bitter brew. So nasty!

What's a tisane?
We're glad you asked! A tisane (pronounced tea-ZAHN) is a botanical (herb, fruit, flower, spice, bark, or veggie) infusion that's typically caffeine-free. Tisanes are often high in nutrients and antioxidants, so they're both good *and* good for you!

Where do these teas come from?

We're committed to giving you ethically sourced products from growers who provide sustainable wages and a safe, healthy work environment for their employees.

We work with growers in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America to bring you an exclusive line of teas that meet our high standards (that's a nice way of saying we're really picky!).

Do you use artificial flavours and sweeteners? 
No. We’ve made sure that our teas are flavoured only with 100% natural extracts—we never use chemical or artificial taste enhancers in any of our products. We don’t want to drink        weird chemicals, and we know you don’t, either!

Why no fancy boxes?
Because our products are all loose-leaf, we choose to ship our teas in heat-sealed pouches that are designed specifically for tea. We want to make sure that the tea you receive is as fresh and flavourful as the day it was harvested!


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